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Guild Charter

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Qualties we are looking for in members:

Nemesis is a pvp guild for mature gamers (no applicants under 18 years of age please). We expect our members to exhibit at the very least average intelligence. We are only interested in players that honestly know how to play.

Are we elitist? Yes, absolutely. We have no problem removing you from the guild if you are found to be a negative influence on our group mechanics. Does this mean that everyone in the guild must be courteous and on their best behavior? Absolutely not. First and foremost, we believe that playing a game should be fun.

Qualities that we are not looking for in members:

    * Passive or overt homophobes and racists.
    * Attention grabbing elites, annoyances and tattletales.
    * Serial whiners.
    * Griefers, cheaters, and thieves.
    *Trade or General Chat Idiots
    * z0mg!!!1 gg l2p n00b rolfcopterbbq pwnd
    * No one under the age of 18 due to our adult, and often obscene, humor.

Who is in charge?

Guild Leader - Vyxxee

Officers - Tattertotts, Ravendust
If you have any questions about Nemesis, please feel free to talk to one of us.

What Nemesis expects from you:

    *Pvp honorably! I cannot stress this enough. Do not be an arrogant ass in battlegrounds/arenas or while dueling. Be a good sport win or lose. Remember always that you represent Nemesis. Do not make us look bad!

    * Treat all players you encounter in the game with respect so long as our guild tag is over your head. This means no griefing or harassment . Do not make us look bad!

    * Guild business should be kept in the guild. No matter how hard we strive to maintain a zero-drama environment, a group of people will still have its issues. Please resolve these in private. Do not air dirty laundry in guild chat or the realm forums. Please talk to an officer if you are having a problem. Do not make us look bad!

What you can expect from Nemesis
    * Low stress and drama.
    * Access to the guild bank based on your guild rank. New members have no
    bank access privileges.
    * Free repairs
    * Respect from your guildmates and other guilds on our server due to our positive reputation.

Reasons we will remove you from the guild

    * Speaking of the guild or its members negatively
    * Confirmed Ninja Looting
    * Engaging in illegal gameplay. (Use of hacks, leveling services, bots etc.)
    *Continual Trade Chat/General Chat spamming/trolling - Have I mentioned DO NOT MAKE

Alt Policy

    If your main is in Nemesis, your alts (at our discretion) can be invited as well.

To all members and applicants: A message from the Guild Leader

    Being a member of Nemesis means that I trust you to conduct yourself in a civilized manner, that you’ll treat others with respect, and that you will be a positive contribution to both the guild and Silvermoon. I trust you and ask that you honor this trust by being a good member. In return, I promise to treat you fairly and honestly.

    That said, I will not spend all of my time babysitting you. I want to play and have fun just as much as you do. For this reason, all members of the guild are authorized to to point out behavior that is not in the guild’s best interest. If you see such behavior, please bring it to our attention (not just the officers) on the forums. We want to hear both sides and resolve things as undramatically as possible.

    By allowing you to be self-policing, I can lead with a light touch. I am the person that is ultimately responsible but I would rather our actions be lead by democratic process rather than dictated by officers and myself.

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